The “home pain points” that countless Chinese families are prone to step on because of their education, each one of them is heartbreaking and I really regret not installing the right one.

The most important thing is to share your experience and knowledge about decoration. The actual fact is that you'll be able to find out more about the things that you need to know about renovation.

Renovation is a very complex project, although it is said that before the renovation also understand some basic knowledge, but also noted a lot of careful questions, but wait until after moving in to find a lot of places badly decorated, and a variety of decoration on the "home pain point" problem, seriously affect the happiness of production.

This issue I summarized the 9 "home pain points" in terms of decoration, and share all their shortcomings.

No indoor plumbing main valve

When the new house gets the keys, the developer will have the house inspected. At this time, the developer will tell each house the location of the water meter, the electric meter, and the location of the main valve for the plumbing, which is basically in the floor tubing well.

When a house is renovated, many people think that because the developer has made plumbing valves for each house in the floor tubewells, they do not need to install plumbing valves indoors when renovating and can only use the outdoor ones.

Once such an idea, in fact, is already a business "home pain point", because the building in the pipe well can often be closed, and through the key is only the property company has, the tenants are unable to open. If a sudden burst leak in the student's home life water pipe, you can not really do economic quickly and timely close the water valve, another one of their children at home want to change a faucet are no solution to close the water pipe, you must also contact the building management to install and property plumbers to open the pipe well, the water valve will be closed to improve the operation.

Talk about the transformation program "1": transformation, be sure to install a water main valve indoors, even if the well door of the pipeline in the corridor is open, in case of emergency as soon as possible to turn off the running water, the need to test the water main valve must not use the property test, because the cost is too high.

Kitchen work is not equipped with anti-reflow water pipes

For people living on the first and second floors, kitchen drains are often clogged.

Once the drain is clogged, the kitchen sink drain will return to the water because the occupants upstairs will continue to use it.

This is the biggest "home pain point" problem when renovating first and second floor houses, because it is difficult to change. Although the first floor has a separate sewer design, but does not mean that the "pain point" problem has been solved, the problem still exists.

As long as the whole building occupants in the use of a kitchen sewer does not pay attention to, even if they are independent of the case of water, the first and second floors will mainly be blocked traffic, and then our home kitchen sewer enterprises will lead to a backwater situation, so that the home life becomes a mess.

If your house is on the first or second floor, regardless of whether there is separate water, when you renovate the location of the kitchen sink install anti-backwater pipes, which can avoid the loss of property in the home, you can avoid soiling your home and your life.

Gypsum board ceiling easy cracks

House decoration, so a variety of gypsum board ceiling is very common, especially now "net red" ceiling "double eyelids" is very popular.

And for the plasterboard ceiling business, the most likely to lead to the emergence of "home pain point" problem, that is, the corner of different locations information is easy to develop such cracks major problems, and even has not been delivered to the owner, have cracked.

Although it is said to be "three days" after the repair, but it is not possible to be this "home pain point" to solve, so many people in the renovation, will make like "corner plasterboard to do heptagonal ", "use light steel keel ceiling", "use light steel keel anti-cracking right angle" and so on, want to completely solve its problems.

In fact, to solve the gypsum board wall corner location cracking, is not how complicated, just need to use a double layer of gypsum board can be.

Talk about decoration advice 『3』: decoration, no matter what we use no different materials for ceiling, only in the bottom of the ceiling can use double layer of plasterboard, so that students can get to solve the corner cracking "home pain points", convenient and simple.

Flue without anti-cracking treatment

The kitchen flue is used to discharge the smoke, basically every household will have.

And in the renovation, many people do not take into account that the flue will be affected by the smoke heat expansion and cold contraction, easy to crack the flue surface tiles, peeling, in fact, this is the "home pain point".

Some people also took this into account before the renovation, but do not know how to solve, and renovation events and a lot, until the construction will forget this matter, until the tile paste remember, it is too late.

But wait until after moving in, the kitchen in use for a period of time, the flue location of the tile will appear cracked, hollow drum, shedding phenomenon, directly affecting home life.

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