Even if the husband = “kitchen killer” these months of son soup can be easily learned!

The Moon Soup is a part of the core technology of the Moon Meal, the main management function is designed to be able to help the woman recover from her weaknesses, tone the postpartum body, and rapidly develop and restore the body's various functions. The moon soup can also accelerate the secretion of milk, improve the quality of milk, so that the baby can eat quality milk and strengthen the baby's body.

Today, Mrs. Butler can bring you several types of moon soup to nourish the human body, so learn up!

Postpartum Nourishing Moon Soup Recommended.

Pork Lung Soup with Dang Shen and Soy Bean Sprouts


Pork lung, soy bean sprouts, Chinese ginseng, Chinese wolfberry, green onion, ginger and garlic


1. Tie one end of the pork lung tightly, the other end of the irrigation overnight and then sliced.

2, the soup pot add 2000 ml of water, add ginseng, wolfberry, ginger, onion and garlic boil, add pork lung, soy bean sprouts and fresh shrimp, boil, turn down the heat to simmer for 2 hours, and finally season to taste.

Even if the husband = "kitchen killer" these months son soup can easily learn!

Nutritional Tip: Pork lung is good for the lungs, while Dang Shen can strengthen the spleen, benefit the qi and promote the production of fluids.

Ginger Beef Soup


Beef, ginger juice, white wine, sugar, light soy sauce


Peel ginger, take ginger juice.

2, beef slices, add sugar, soy sauce, white wine, ginger juice, a small amount of water to marinate for 10 minutes, the beef, water into the stew pot and simmer for 1 hour, add a small amount of salt to taste to eat.

Even if hubby = "kitchen killer" these months of son soup can be easily learned!

Description: After giving birth, women are weak, pale and not well toned, they can consume ginger beef soup. Ginger is pungent and warm in nature, which can dissipate cold, warm the stomach, detoxify and stop vomiting. Ginger juice and beef stew can help mothers to nourish blood and qi during the month of childbirth, 滴雞精比較The chicken breed used directly affects the flavor and nutritional value of the product. Both Dynasty and Blanche's Essence of Chicken Extract use chicken extract from outsourced chicken farms in Taiwan, while Hung Fook Tong uses chickens imported from the European Union.and ginger juice also helps to restore gastrointestinal function.

Chinese Yam and Wolfberry Pork Rib Soup


Yam, wolfberry, pork ribs


1, yam peeled, cut into small pieces, wash the ribs, with boiling water to boil and remove the spare.

2, water into the pot, add ribs, boil into a stock, turn down the heat, add the yam pieces and goji berries, continue to cook for 15 minutes.

Even if the husband = "kitchen killer" these months of son soup can easily learn!

Nutrition Tip: Pork Ribs are low in fat, not afraid of too many calories from protein, To make home-made chicken essence, remove the head, skin, grease, feet, internal organs, etc. of the chicken, then put the chicken on a steamer rack and steam it for two to three hours through water to remove the grease, then you can make home-made chicken essence, very suitable!滴雞精懷孕。and high in iron and calcium. Chinese yam has the effect of strengthening the spleen and lungs. Chinese yam and Chinese wolfberry rib soup helps China to restore their own body health functions after childbirth, improve their own immunity, and has the effect of appetizing.

Chicken Yam Soup


Yam, chicken soup


1. Remove the flesh of the chicken leg bones, garlic and ginger add water to boil turn to low heat and simmer for about 1 hour.

2. yam to peel and cut hob pieces, cut the yam products can be derived from immersed in water to prevent oxidation, If you don't like fish soup, simmer it with chicken broth or chicken broth drippings to make a standing dish.坐月湯水。」Low milk is also related to a lack of Blood Qi, can also be used to replenish the Blood of the month soup or drops of chicken essence, replenish Blood Qi and at the same time absorb the soup to nourish milk production。pour a proper amount of oil into the pot, add different yam stir fry, pour some chicken stock to boil, add a little salt and sugar to taste.

Even if the husband = "kitchen killer" these months of son soup can easily learn!

It's a good idea to have some yam chicken soup for my home-made recovery.

5、Dang Gui Ginseng and pork loin soup


Ginseng, Angelica, Fructus Lycii, Pork Belly


1: Wash and drain all the ingredients, cut the pork loin with a knife and wash, soak for 2 hours, during which we keep changing the water through, then slice the pork loin.

Add pork loin, Chinese wolfberry, ginseng, angelica, etc. to boil, then add a little water, cook on high heat to low heat and stir-fry for 2 hours, add a little salt to taste.



月の子フロリダの鯉と豆腐のスープ エッセンスローミルクの神様、子供が食べきれない心配はもういらない!