5 ways to quickly remove scars

Whether it is many years of scars or scar marks, it can be easily fixed.

Many partners with scars on their faces 手術除疤膏 choose some skin care products, ointments and even medical beauty methods to remove them. However, skin care products all contain erosive ingredients, which are very harmful to the skin, and medical beauty only removes the unsightly part of the skin, and the problem of pigmentation under the skin around the scar has not been solved at all. This is also the reason why many people fail to remove scars.

To completely remove scars, and to make the skin tone around the scar even, it is necessary to solve the original problem. We know that the skin around the scar is usually more red or dark, because the cells around it cannot be metabolized in time, resulting in pigmentation, including cell damage. Therefore, in order to completely remove pigmentation and restore the vitality of cells, internal adjustment is necessary. Collagen happens to be the best ingredient to break down melanin and repair cells.

I used to have a small scar on my arm, and it was obvious in the summer, and it was also through the method of internal adjustment, which completely made him disappear. How did I do it? Share it with you here.

1 Collection Collagen Supplement. Like pig feet, chicken feet, and fish skin, eat more. It's just that there is no way to supplement collagen in a small amount by relying on these alone. We can achieve the purpose of short-term large-scale supplementation through collagen powder or collagen peptides.

2. Choose to absorb fast collagen. Ordinary domestic collagen must undergo a process of differentiation, absorption and transformation into the body, and the rate is relatively fast. So it is recommended to choose foreign ones. I am using the Australian one now, mainly because it can be directly absorbed by us, eliminating the process of intermediate decomposition and transformation. It is also the fastest absorbing of all the collagen I have ever used.

3 Eat more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain a small amount of vitamins and minerals that our body needs. They are able to promote the rapid repair and detoxification of scars by collagen in our body.

4. Frequent massage on the scar. It can be combined with some animal essential oils or lotions, and massage can speed up the blood circulation at the scar position, so that the scar can be repaired faster and finally disappear completely.

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