How to eliminate dark circles? Five small ways to get rid of panda eyes

Milk to remove dark circles

Choose to buy a bottle of whole milk, pour a glass of cold boiled 去黑眼圈眼霜 water in a refrigerator for a while, mix the whole milk carton with ice water in a ratio of 1:1 for mixing. Soak the cotton ball in a mixed solution until the cotton ball does not absorb the solution at all. Take out the cotton ball to squeeze out some excess water and apply it to your eyes. After 15 minutes, you need to take it off and move it. By studying the whitening effect of milk and the swelling treatment effect of ice water, the effect of removing dark circles can be effectively achieved.

Brown sugar to remove dark circles

Put an appropriate amount of brown sugar in a casserole. Do not continue to control the heating by adding water and using a low fire. If you boil brown sugar without adding water, it is easy to burn, so you need to pay special attention when cooking until the brown sugar industry starts to smoke. It can be turned off. Wrap the brown sugar in gauze, and after it has cooled to a suitable temperature, use the brown sugar-covered gauze to treat the eyes. This method of teaching to remove dark circles, the effect is not very obvious.

Apple to remove dark circles

Apple has a whitening effect. Applying apples to the eyes can have a good effect on dark circles. Clean the apples, cut them into thin apple slices, lie down, and apply the apple peel to your eyes. After 15 minutes, you can take it off and clean it. This teaching method is very practical for students who are prone to dark circles. If we insist on using it in China, not only has it failed to remove dark circles, but we can effectively reduce the chance of dark circles.

How to remove dark circles with honey

Honey is a good beauty care product, and of course it can also have a significant effect on dark circles. After washing your face, let the watermark on your face dry naturally. After it dries, use a cotton swab to apply honey around the eye area, massage it gently, and rinse off with water after 15 minutes. Wait until the water is dry before applying eye cream to achieve a good dark circle effect.

Method of removing dark circles with wolfberry tea

Put a small handful of wolfberry and a few red dates for development in a pot, boil the water over a high fire, switch to a low fire when the water is boiled, add rock sugar, cook for a while, turn off the heat after about 5 minutes. After cooling down, you can drink it as a kind of beverage. Chinese wolfberry and red jujube companies are both good functional products for beauty, health, and beauty, and they have the same effect on the causes of dark circles.

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