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Since the 19th century, Tongzhen has taken root in Hong Kong. After several generations of unremitting efforts and struggles, the brand spans three centuries, and Tongzhen has become a well-known century-old classic brand in Hong Kong.

Relying on the corporate motto of "Customer Satisfaction" and "Preserving the Traditional Chinese Taste", all these products of Tongzhen are made in Hong Kong, using high-quality raw materials, and fermenting soy sauce with natural traditional teaching methods. They are made in Hong Kong. The students own a natural sauce company. Relying on the business and management philosophy that has been adhered to 同珍王賜豪 for a century, as early as the 1980s, "Tongzhen" has developed into a transnational merger and acquisition enterprise with an important economic position in the world's sauces and condiments industry.

After 1945, Tongzhen quickly expanded the 同珍王賜豪 canned food and non-staple food market from soy sauce to canned food such as sugar ginger, candied fruit, corn starch, and water chestnut. Mr. Wang Zhongming also saw the lack of business opportunities for foreign raw materials after World War II, coupled with the huge demand for grains, oils and non-staple foods in overseas Chinese restaurants, and Westerners’ love of traditional Chinese food culture, the company decided to make the products It is sold to the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and other parts of the world, making its development in overseas markets a success. The company's sales outlets in the Americas, Europe, Australia, Africa and the Pacific Islands make it an international brand. Since "Tongzhen" opened the door to the world, there are Chinese people there, and there are traces of Tongzhen products.

In the early 1950s, in order to meet the rapid development and expansion of corporate business and to be driven by strong national exports, Mr. Wang Zhongming led the "Tongzhen" to move into the city's 350,000-square-foot Kwai Chung 同珍王賜豪
factory and 120,000-square-foot Fanling factory. At the current location, the business management of "Tongzhen" has become more diversified. The production company includes various major non-staple foods in the society, including various Chinese canned preserved fruits, canned food and lychees, shrimp chips, seasonings, black water olives, Tangerine plum, noodles, all kinds of soy sauce, sweet vinegar, black rice vinegar and various vinegar products.

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