The difference between Chinese and 日式超市

The sales method of Chinese fruits is different from that of Japan. All fruits in 日式超市
have a unit price. So if I buy two pears, it is twice the unit price. It is easy to calculate. But the domestic price is one kilogram, so weighing is a bit troublesome each time. Because there are a lot of people in big stores such as Tesco and Carrefour, if you want to buy fruit, you sometimes need to line up for weighing. In the Japanese way, if the fruit size is different, it may be unfair. If the size of the fruit is different in the Japanese way, it may be unfair. However, each store may buy the same size, so there is no such problem.

Now, when you think of another topic, write it down, so introduce it. Many Japanese like to buy beautiful fruits and vegetables. Many shops are afraid to buy things that look bad. If you go to a Japanese supermarket, you will only see good-looking vegetables and fruits. What about those ugly things? Sell them at discount stores or let farmers eat them. Is such that.

There are two sides to everything. So there is no need to say which is better, China or Japan. But I think the Chinese approach is more reasonable. If you live abroad, you sometimes find things you can't find in your own country. Japanese people often say "Japanese common sense is an extraordinary understanding of the world." If you look at it from this perspective, you will find interesting differences.

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