Advantages of neck-mounted Bluetooth headsets

Bluetooth headsets are wireless noise cancelling earbuds comfortable to wear, but storage is a problem. When you go out, you need to carry a bag for the headset. Sometimes it is really inconvenient for lazy people like me. True wireless Bluetooth earphones are convenient enough, but when crowding subways and buses, I always worry that one will be knocked off to the ground.

The neck-mounted Bluetooth headset does not need to worry about loss, nor does it need to worry about storage. It can also coordinate battery life, sound quality, and noise reduction on weekdays. It is a good alternative for users who are not used to true wireless Bluetooth headsets and head-mounted Bluetooth headsets.

The feeling of being able to hang on your neck all the time, use it when you want, and take it off if you don't want to use it, is something that can't be given by head-mounted and true wireless Bluetooth headsets. Perhaps this is the meaning of the existence of neck-mounted Bluetooth headsets. Take a look at their advantages next time!

1. Weight and Portability

The neck-mounted Bluetooth headset is much smaller than the head-mounted type, and it is more low-key and lighter to hang around the neck. The true wireless also needs to be placed in the charging compartment when it is not in use. And our neck is really a very good storage for neck-mounted headphones: when not in use, it naturally hangs on the chest, suitable for all-weather wear.

2. Call effect

Compared with head-mounted and true wireless earphones, the microphone of the neck-mounted Bluetooth earphone is closer to the sound source, the pickup result is better, and it is easier to have a clear call effect.

3. Wearing stability

The collar itself has a certain weight, coupled with the ergonomic neck curvature design, the stability of the collar and earplugs is also relatively good.

4. Battery life

This is compared to true wireless headphones. Due to the size of the true wireless Bluetooth headset, the normal single battery life is about 5 hours. The neck-mounted headset can allocate a part of the weight to the collar, thereby increasing the battery capacity and having a longer battery life. The earplugs are also envisioned to be lighter and less burdensome to wear on the ears.

Classification and benefits of neck-mounted Bluetooth headsets

Neck-mounted Bluetooth headsets can be divided into hard collars and soft collars according to the different collar materials.

hard collar

This kind of headphones can also be divided into two categories, with Bose QC30 as the inflexible neck-mounted Bluetooth headset, and the Sony WI-1000XM2 as the representative of the foldable and curved neck-mounted Bluetooth headset. The neck-mounted Bluetooth headset with a hard collar can touch the performance revealed by the recharge on the spot, and it is not easy to miss the recharge. Some will also have noise reduction performance, and the application experience will be better. This kind of earphone may have the situation that the collar falls behind when wearing it, but the battery life is generally better. These types of headphones are recommended for street, commuting, and daily use, and are not recommended for sports.

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