The pillows are not good enough, no matter how early you go to bed, it is useless

Choose a neck pillow, first look at the support

Too soft or too hard

If you want to choose the right neck pillow, you must first 枕頭耐用 look at the support of the pillow core. If the pillow is too soft, the head will not get enough support, causing the head and neck to be tired; if the pillow is too hard, the contact surface between the head and neck and the pillow will become smaller, increasing part of the pressure on the head and neck.

The support of the pillow core is mainly related to the material of the filling.

01 Mother's favorite: buckwheat pillow

The buckwheat pillow is a reminiscence of parents and even grandparents. It is economical and affordable. Buckwheat husks are hard, can support the head well, and have excellent air permeability, which will certainly relieve fatigue.

However, the elasticity is small, and it will make noises when turning over. It is still heavy, and I really want to lose the time to move...

02 The first generation of Internet celebrities: image cotton pillow

The softness, hardness and support of the image cotton are good, and it also has the characteristics of slow rebound. It can adjust the shape according to the change of the head and neck position, and the fit is better.

However, image cotton is more sensitive to temperature. It tends to get hotter and hotter in the summer, and the pillow may feel a little hard in winter.

03 Prosperous in the limelight: latex pillow

Latex is also a very popular material recently. It has good breathability and elasticity. It is more warm when you sleep on it. The sound of turning over is very small. It is very friendly to people who sleep lightly.

Nothing but, some people are allergic to latex, and latex may be scumming after being used for a long time. The key is that latex pillow groups are more expensive, and there are many fake products on the market, which makes it easy to step on the pit...

04 Xu Xu Xinxing: Pearl Cotton Pillow

EPE is a new kind of environmentally friendly supplement material. When it is used as a pillow, all aspects of EPE are very stable. Its support is very good, it will not be too soft or too hard, and it can support the head ineffectively; it is also very elastic and will not squeeze the auricle; the plasticity of pearl cotton is good, and it is less hardened and hardened. Not easy to collapse.

In addition, there is another obvious advantage of EPE, that is, it is easy to take care of and can be machine washed. Moreover, its anti-mite properties are also particularly outstanding.

Film Origin: Design Team of Lilac Survival Institute

The shape of the neck pillow is also important

Best fits the curvature of the neck perfectly

Many pillows have a flowing shape. In addition to the most common rectangular pillows, there are also O-shaped pillows, B-shaped pillows with high and low in the middle, partition pillows and so on.

Film Origin: Design Team of Lilac Survival Institute

Among them, the fit between the B-type pillow and the partition pillow will be better. For example, when a person is lying on his back, the back of the head is usually about 2 cm lower than the neck, and there is a small depression next to it, which is more in line with the curvature of the neck.

Of course, people will often turn over and change their sleeping position after falling asleep, and the best neck pillow should also take this into consideration. According to investigations, during the abnormal 8-hour bedtime, ordinary people will change their postures about 20 to 45 times. Among them, about 60% sleep on the back, 35% sleep on the side and 5% sleep on the prone.

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