Chi read the flowers on the green flag

A person walks in the winter time 
Feeling the cold evening breeze 
Looked up just want to get troubles away 
Silently watching the heart of the simple and calm nuskin hong kong
Whose window 
Elegant wafted up from the harps 
Express themselves in just a few notes 
Thick memories and wet eyes 
Actually, I already put you in the bottom of my heart 
Every time I set carefully 
Once once let him away with the wind 
You are not to consider the fate of fault nuskin hong kong
Never expect years will give me 
Just want to serious walk every corner 
Both spring and all 
I have to calmly face and accept at the mercy of god 
Life is sometimes like to write a good script 
Only a few pen allows you to me nuskin hong kong
Strewn at random into a tianya cape 
Qing shiban leave how much chi read a pinch of pinch of flower