Pay attention to the Holter ECG examination, don’t make these three mistakes!

In recent years, due to continuous diet and poor living habits, many people's body organs have gradually been damaged, leading to various diseases, and heart disease is even more common. In life, many people will check the heart in time when the symptoms of heart discomfort appear. ECG is the most basic heart check item. Holter is also a common check item, but because many people have misunderstandings about Holter , Leading to misunderstandings, so understand these misunderstandings.

What are the misunderstandings of Holter?

First, take more rest and less activity during the inspection.

Perhaps many people when inquiring about various electrocardiogram knowledge, they will mention that they should take more rest when doing the electrocardiogram, and don't let the heartbeat affect the examination result. But in fact, this kind of electrocardiogram is only limited to the general electrocardiogram. If it is a Holter electrocardiogram, it only needs to maintain a normal schedule, because it is mainly adjusted according to the heartbeat frequency at different times within 24 hours. If you take more rest and less activity during the examination, you will not be able to obtain correct ECG data.

Second, hospitalization is required during the examination.

Because Holter monitors need to be worn 24 hours a day, many people think that they need to be hospitalized before they can be checked. But in fact, Holter does not require hospitalization. The device can be worn by the patient home and sent back to the machine after the wearing time is over.

Thirdly, it is normal after the examination, indicating that there is no problem with the heart .

After a 24-hour Holter examination, there is no indication of any abnormality, indicating that there is no problem with the heart. This is what many people think subconsciously. But in fact, if most people don't have heart discomfort while wearing Holter, the result is normal. Therefore, if they always feel heart discomfort and prompt them to be normal after the examination, they should continue the Holter examination for a period of time to find abnormalities.

What do I need to pay attention to in Holter?

First, not close to strong magnetic fields.

Although the Holter can be taken home by the patient without being affected by walking, eating, or sleeping, it is important to avoid contact with strong magnetic fields when wearing the ECG for examination, which will affect the results of the machine examination.

Secondly, you can't take a bath.

Patients cannot take a bath during Holter examination, because the electrodes are easy to fall off during bathing, which leads to the failure of the examination.

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