The difference between 僱傭relationship and labor relationship

1. The concept is different;

labor relationship means that the employer accepts the employer’s instructions and arrangements during a certain or unspecified period to provide him with a specific or unspecified labor service. The employer’s unit accepts the labor services provided by the employee and complies with it. The right to contract work remuneration guarantees the compulsory education relationship.

Labor relationship refers to the relationship of rights and obligations formed by two or more equal entities in the process of financial transactions and labor affairs.

2. The relationship between the two parties' personal control and obedience management is different;

The status of employers and employees in the 僱傭 relationship is unequal. The two companies form a relationship of their own control and obedience. The employer must provide employees with reasonable labor education conditions and safety and technical guarantees. Its staff carry out social supervision and cost management, and the employees need to follow the arrangements of the employers and provide labor services according to their will.

In the labor relationship, the two parties only form the dominant and dominant relationship of labor, and there is no relationship between management and operation.

3. The content of providing labor and paying remuneration is different;

In the 僱傭relationship, employees pay mainly through labor, and of course they also have certain technical research results, but usually their technical content is relatively low, and their remuneration components are relatively traditional and single, which can only include the value of Chinese labor. Employers enjoy all the development results of hired labor, and such teaching results are not the direct investment object for employers to pay.

In labor relations, workers only provide simple manual labor without technical content, and their remuneration is only the value of labor.

The biggest difference between labor relations and 僱傭relations is the difference between the parties. In labor relations, there is no relationship between obedience and obedience between the parties. In the 僱傭relationship, the employee is subject to the employer's arrangement. If the above answer does not solve your question, it is recommended that you call a professional lawyer on the legal map website.



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