The advantages and disadvantages of hot water dispenser


Now the big fire instant water dispenser
compares with the traditional water dispenser, the biggest advantage of the hot water dispenser is that it can provide this kind of disposable boiling water. The water in the traditional water dispenser is boiled repeatedly. This kind of water is extremely harmful, and it has a special title-"Thousand Rolling Water".

"Thousand Rolling Water" is extremely unhealthy for the body. "Thousand Rolling Water" contains harmful substances such as nitrite, which may cause intestinal infections after drinking.

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Long-term drinking of water can cause shortness of breath, dull chest, purple lips and nails, and even lead to the combination of methemoglobin in the blood into methemoglobin that cannot carry oxygen, causing blood poisoning.

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Energy saving

Instant water dispenser has the characteristics of energy saving. Because the instant-heating type does not use electricity for most of the time, and the traditional design requires internal insulation, that is, in the process of brewing thousands of boiling water, it needs electricity to maintain, which also led to the former long-term Electricity, but it will consume a lot of electricity when the hot water is released, the latter is always maintaining a constant electricity consumption.

Therefore, the use of instant water dispensers can greatly reduce energy waste and save consumers' electricity bills.

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