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Veritas NetBackup Now Supplied in IBM Market

Veritas NetBackup Now Supplied in IBM MarketplaceEnterprise details defense and software-defined storage solution service provider, Veritas Systems, lately announced that its flagship merchandise, Veritas NetBackup, is at present offered inside the IBM Marketplace. This delivers obtain to data backup and safety for the two Veritas and IBM Cloud shoppers.

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Veritas’ backup and recovery solutions assist businesses of all sizes with managing and protecting information wherever it lives, whether that be inside the hybrid cloud or on-prem. Designed for enterprise challenges, NetBackup enables organizations to migrate and protect their details throughout its cloud journey. Through this collaboration, IBM extends NetBackup’s reach via referral sales or through managed Backup as a Service (BaaS) platforms on the IBM Marketplace.

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In a press statement, vice president of Global Channels and Alliances at Veritas, Barbara Spicek said, “Veritas is committed to accelerating cloud adoption for organizations of all sizes. To achieve that goal, we have made it easier to migrate knowledge to, from, and within the hybrid cloud. Our presence in the IBM Market now provides market leading, mission-critical info storage and defense solutions for IBM and Veritas existing and new clients in all customer segments globally.”

A unified data defense strategy is necessary as facts grows and becomes more fragmented across clouds and virtual environments. This kind of strategy allows IT organizations to deliver required service levels, while mitigating cost and risk, regardless of where the details lives. Backup technology from Veritas, delivered with managed services from IBM, gives businesses the defense they need, as well as enables them to reduce costs, meet compliance requirements, and minimize complexity.

Spicek continued, stating, “throughout our 10-year collaboration, Veritas and IBM have built details management and unified details defense solutions to help accelerate information transformation and migration, extend details security to the cloud, and ensure availability for mission-critical applications for our shoppers.”

Enterprise solutions from IBM and Veritas are designed to offer a consistent set of tools across virtual, physical, and cloud environments.

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