How is gonorrhea treated and prevented?

In terms of treatment, we currently use different antibiotics as standard therapy. The first type of Neisseria gonorrhoeae is usually treated with penicillin, but domestic Neisseria gonorrhoeae are highly resistant to antibiotics, so when choosing antibiotics, a doctor’s assessment and experience are required, and treatment options range from oral antibiotics to injectable antibiotics .

But the most important thing is to cooperate with the doctor's treatment. Once the antibiotic treatment starts,淋病,it cannot be stopped by itself. Otherwise, not only the treatment will fail, but also drug-resistant strains may appear, making subsequent treatment difficult. At present, there have been cases of "super gonorrhea", called super gonorrhea in English, that is, the strains of gonorrhea have extensive resistance to various antibiotics, resulting in no suitable antibiotic treatment. Therefore, be sure to cooperate with the doctor's advice and never stop taking the medicine on your own.

Gonorrhea also has a treatment focus: bring your sexual partner along for treatment. Gonorrhea is contagious, and today either you infected your partner or your partner infected you. After the lymphatic overflow is good, it will not be immune for life, and there will be a chance of re-infection. Don't let you change him, he is good, change what you have, treat two people together. Also, gonorrhea is still contagious during treatment, so sex should be avoided during this time.

How to prevent gonorrhea

How to prevent gonorrhea in your daily life? Here are some suggestions:

Do not have sex with someone with unknown history

No sex parties, no multiple sex partners

Do not use addictive drugs and avoid risky behaviors

Use condoms throughout sex and mix with different water-based lubricants

Avoid sharing sex toys

Clean the perineum and genitals after sex

drink plenty of fluids and urinate after sex

The basic principles are "no safe sex" and "reduce the risk of infection after exposure". These two principles work together to minimize the risk of infection. people are increasingly using sex toys. This personal item should be used by oneself. Do not share with others!




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