Although food has a certain effect in reducing scars, it will be slower and requires long-term persistence.

If you want to fade scars quickly and effectively, the best way is to choose pure plant-derived products. pure plant-derived products not only have no side effects and no harm to the skin, but also can solve the scar problem! You can search for Bashree. Look! In addition, scar patients also have some dietary taboos. The following foods are best to eat less or not:

1. Stimulating foods: fermented bean curd, green onions, peppers, leeks,除疤貼推薦,etc., which are easy to cause infection and are not conducive to wound healing. Do not eat food that is too spicy or oily. 2. Hair: For example, do not eat beef, carp, seafood, rooster, etc., which will slow the skin healing. 3. Ginger: Do not eat ginger, otherwise the scars will be larger after the wound has healed. 4. Sensitive food: For example, eat less celery, mango, etc., it is easy to make the scar and the original skin color difference. 5. Fungus foods, such as mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, etc. Most of these foods are high-protein foods. If you eat too much, you will get irritable. people who have headaches, dizziness and other symptoms should eat as little as possible.

6. Marine fishery foods, such as hairtail,除疤膏推薦, yellow croaker, pomfret, mussel meat, shrimp, crabs and other aquatic products. Most of them are cold and fishy, ​​which will affect the healing of wounds to a certain extent. 7. Fruits such as peaches and apricots. If you eat too much of these fruits, you will get angry, and if you eat too much apricot, you will easily hurt your bones and muscles, which will affect the healing of the wound to a certain extent. 8. Foods such as chicken head, chicken wings, chicken feet, goose meat, pig head meat, etc., these foods are easy to cause irritation and affect the healing of the mouth.

Basically, most of the use of scar removal cream in the market will be reduced scars after healing. Generally, as long as you use the scar removal cream according to the instruction manual or follow the doctor's instructions, we can see the effect with patience and continuous use.

Compared with ordinary scar removal cream, after many clinical verifications, 除疤貼比較,92% of doctors and users approve and recommend this scar removal cream. Containing 3 unique formulas, in addition to inhibiting the proliferation of these scar tissues, improving the color of the patient's scar, softening and smoothing the formation of a scar, it can also reduce the itching, redness and pain symptoms caused by the affected area and increase skin elasticity.

For new and old scars, it is recommended to use new scars for 3 months and old scars for 3-6 months to get more obvious and better results.

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