another group of people in my life

People often say that looking back is the old man, because the person is in the end of life usually review back to life, popular point, like memories let yourself getting old already in his heart. 
Recently carefree boring also let their old time, manage the books about 30 years of life. Common, ordinary, vain. This is me on the rest of your life true portraiture. Always strive to extraordinary Hong Kong delivery flower
Someone once said to yearn for ordinary, extraordinary because you did not understand, feel is nonsense, but at some point in a flash I suddenly understand. I am a ordinary people, a listen to me whine classmates said I was to see reality, is I admit it. 
Like parents also not bad. I go home mutually close, get married, have children. Ordinary, steadfast. Son is god in this series of things to me the most beautiful gift. This is because after I contact with another group of children around me. 
11 years, a lot of reason to accept reliable my classmates recommend, made a special-education teacher, taught is special because the not ordinary children, they are very special. Have seen it in the TV series the autistic children, mental retardation children, at that time because of work, or cute, or let a person love dearly, or let a person crazy, it's just to deduce. 
Their lovely is less than you imagined. 
Remember a child because their parents didn't realize that the child intelligence may have a problem, hold up to 12 years old began to come to class, the children intelligence is five or six years old enunciation unclear, and the children are very beautiful, very lovely, lovely. Far, BuPaLei, he what also do not understand, things done, to give him a hug,luxury wine tasting he will reveal that kind of pure happy, happy expression, the adults don't have, for an instant flowers: let's open happiness. That good, and that let people love dearly, the world of adults is not he a command an action can understand, and we can do is to give him a chance to express their normal. 
Together with autistic children, in addition to his mother, in his world without the existence of the second personal space, just talk to mom, playing only play with my mother, eyes only see the mother finally even after two months of tore heart crack lung of cry, just a little bit slowly adapted to accept the existence of his teacher. 
And many other children in the children, their future road how to go, journey will have what kind of landscape, we don't know, but they all have certain intelligence, they have the right to go their own way. Can only help them also only parents, parental choice is important, it is a long and difficult road, be patient perseverance and perseverance. 
Whenever son not obedient, the in the mind is always mixed, small he he did not understand his face in the future is a what kind of world, and we really understand?? The choice of countless question mark in my heart, no matter who, may have regret, regret, regret, heartache, we grew up. These is no one can replace real estate agency hong kong
Son, we refuel together!