see heavy rain slapping on the ground

When I was small, very doesn't like rain, because rain can't go out to play, because of the rain to wear the ugly boots, because the rain walk will be soiled?????? but the only advantage is that can play, can light small foot play in the water. After growing up, I learned a lot, I know what the rain, rain from where to, also know that rain is the darling of many persons. The rain sometimes like a touch of sadness, rain and sometimes like a complex mood twill weave, rain sometimes like with a little breath of spring rain, sometimes like a moist seedling knowledge. So, I know the beauty of the rain PolyU DBA.
The most like walking in the drizzle, puerile appearance with immature mind, walking in the rain emotional experience will bring me some inspiration. Sometimes I feel a bit different from their peers, we have different ideas, different methods, different inner trend, perhaps I am more a in experience and thinking in the rain, perhaps their inner flow can not understand some poetic my heart to keep. The wind always like the rain, let me feel cool, I will also think whether they can stand in the wind, even the breeze, also don't show my heart cowardly. But the different is, they think is needed immediately took shelter from the rain, Tim clothes, or drink a cup of warm water, or hiding in their parents give a warm nest. From the difference not thought of let I like walking in the rain on the feeling.
Hand, the rain drops of playing in my hand, can not help but withdrew her hand. Bing Bing, the cool, it reminded me of my social cold, it reminded me of my failure when the ice cold tears. Was surprised when he became so always melancholy and moody, self comfort, but also far from then, still far from then, really far away. Flash time but more than ten years, in fact, not far away, a twinkling of an eye, only need to 365 days of a few years, only a few seasons alternating seasons, only need a few birthday, in fact, not far away. The rain gently caresses my face, give a person a kind of feeling of cool, the rain left a heavy little ripples in the heart. See the rain in the sky quietly, quietly watching the rain colorful fall, I just quietly, quietly, in the rain and interlocking experience let me like it's been through a life. Looking at the front, such as fog, dream like magic, not from again ponder: the future is the same? So, faint, have a mature, it is a clean, had a now redundant deep, so, everything in the imperceptibly change.
Cloud Provider When a bad mood, setbacks, the most hope the torrents of rain, Ren clang clang pitter patter is hitting the eardrum, see heavy rain slapping on the ground, on the roof, watching the rain scour the earth layer, the mood also imperceptibly well up. The rain is philosopher, originally the rain is also a kind of happy. The first time in the heavy rain let scour, just know heart, brain has been precipitated with so many ideas of garbage. Tears immediately breaching of the dike, in the rain dripping fun makes me want to shout: "let the storm come more violent!"
The rain is really a magical thing, like a philosopher, like a friend, philosopher brought me a reason, to bring a steady, a meditation, a mature; the friend brought me the fun after a release, the heart of happiness, a courage to move forward. Listen to the rain, watching the rain, rain, goods, give you a rational, mature, steady. May your life rain, let rain in your thought calm heart left a few ripples, splashing a large flower spray. Whenever it rains, I couldn't help singing " You beauty good rain!"