the road has been in

Looking back, after twenty-three years, is fast or slow? I sighed with emotion, not because of what, is the heart of the air. Can't think of a dream, can not think of the love, don't think of the future. I really want to stop, but when the shore can only be left off time.
The road of life, I know it's been a long, but the pain of torture too long. Can be a very strong said fearless such strong gas, say it is of no use, to withstand the caixing. People without a dream, Business Centre in Hong Konglike no soul like. I'm afraid, but there is no reason to blame others, like a sinner.
Like young people look like that, but it is difficult to keep the mild heart, difficult in the silt don't dye. The hustle and bustle of the city, flit across the figure, is to what? Is a dream, or survive? I wo in the village, is changed the face of the city, or trapped myself floating heart? Idea, mentality is stale, like stinky like rotting corpse.
Listen to the song, has changed a lot, new taste are removed, the old legacy. Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau, Alan Tam...... A lot of old songs, in the era of the old after a time, and in my mind the old one. Act as an elder smell, make me a bit nostalgic on, this is a bit because the heart of old in trouble. I want to say, young and not sorrow taste this kind of words, even say it, that is say yes and mean No.
Yesterday saw the beloved person, took the child in a corner of the villages in the city. Time and tide wait for no man, saw her face the vicissitudes of life, felt her heart sad. I don't know how, I saw the young child, heart and do not feel the same stock. I found the endless power is not interrupted, lost the most is his, not burdensome new life.
On the desktop, or the fish tank, or the two goldfish. It wandered a lot of spring and autumn, the road also is not far. You know, it's still not out of the small pond. We are not the same, the daily repeat over these road, from the beginning to the end, also did not leave the small cage. In fact, the road has been in, but don't know the direction, even walk faster, there is no use. Want to start over again, but is never returned the road pass through the road, Virtual Office Hong Kong only forward not back.
Some people really do not know is I was forgotten, or they don't want to be I remember. Forget or remember is a multiple of a sulk. I seemed to understand, understand the poor people must be hateful truth. Don't like people, like the hearts of his own devil, can only be abandoned. How beautiful the person's appearance is good, but with an ugly heart that is unforgivable.
Friends, family, love life is journey guide, take you to walk for a ride, they will leave you far away. Every journey on the road there are people accompany, no one from the beginning to the end, to accompany you to walk. Abandoned the fate, is the inevitable events of life to. Blame nothing, nor necessary sigh what. Walking on the road, hair transplant is involuntarily, accept some of the fate.