There is a pain that asphyxia

Today, my husband's brother called me, just a few words, let my heart good pain, painful choking.
And the husband after marriage, husband and I together in the house in, note: not married, just temporarily live in the house, because we're home conditions are not very good, we can only rely on themselves to create the conditions, this year I'm going to test a driver's license, what also can't do, but to spend a lot of money, the husband for the son and I have more hard Men clothes sale
My husband particularly saving, can be said to himself he is very demanding, but for my son and he is very generous, work hard, work overtime, more hard. Every time I say he don't work overtime, he said: "nothing of the wife, I'm not tired, in an hour a dozen pieces! I want you and your son to live a good life." I really want to cry, you marry me is to work so hard? In order to I also be forced to leave one's hometown, like a cow's hard, also laughed and said not tired, husband you really hard, I just want to in good son at the same time, many selling things, it helps reduce the burden of home, for you.
My brother asked: "my brother please." I don't know the answer to what is good. Husband than I, for I care, compared to my mother-in-law are good to me, not the husband not filial piety, because I will be to her mother-in-law, mother-in-law is another of my mother, I hope that my hard husband home not too tired too upset.
My husband do confinement, wash clothes, cook, I what didn't do, but usually the husband in the home is also very diligent, what do, home to clean up clean, sometimes I think I should is superfluous, husband to me, not only concerned, there is love, is love I want to you'll see.
data backup A remembered before and the husband quarrel, the husband said: "wife, think about your son too tired, don't sell anything, my salary, wife eat what they buy." My heart really good pain, a person lying on the chair, think of husband will have a kind of impulse, I want to make money, I want my husband is not so hard, but I earn a month now only enough for my son and flowers, but no husband, we are together, we believe that far the future will not, because we are not lazy people, God is good to us.
In front of friends and relatives, they always say a most happy, marry a good husband, often heard these words, I vowed to work harder, because I know there is a devoted husband behind me the happiest woman, I do what my husband, what to do for this home Phonics......
My dear husband, you have worked hard......