Side effects of enzymes

Enzymes can strengthen the immune system, lose weight, detoxify and beautify, prevent cancer, and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. What are the side effects of enzymes?

Side effects refer to other effects that have nothing to do with the purpose of treating a disease, and inevitably occur when a therapeutic dose of the drug is used.酵素推介 A drug usually has many side effects, and when people use one of them, the rest are called side effects.

Improvement reaction-as the name suggests, this is not a side effect, but a reaction in the body's natural self-healing process. A person’s menstrual cycle is about 90 days. If natural therapies such as detoxification, timely replenishment of nutrients, soothing emotions, and musculoskeletal adjustment can be used to nourish the body and tolerate short-term "reactions", the physical fitness will be significantly improved. Following recovery, the body feels more vigorous, so there is a saying in Chinese medicine that "if you don't have a dizzy response, you will never heal the disease."

The mechanism of action of enzymes is different from that of general medicines, and there are no so-called "side effects". To treat severe and intractable diseases, long-term consumption may be required. Due to differences in individual physiques and the severity of symptoms, the degree of reaction to enzymes and the length of the reaction period will also vary. However, this reaction is only a temporary phenomenon, not a side effect, nor is it worse.

Enzyme is not a medicine, but a kind of food, so it has no side effects and can be consumed for a long time.

Enzyme method

What is an enzyme? Enzyme is a kind of food that can purify the blood, detoxify, and reduce inflammation. This kind of food is not difficult to cook. Its ingredient is apples, so let's introduce the method of enzymatic digestion.

1. Wash the apples and air dry, scald the glass bottle with boiling water, air dry, wash your hands with soap and dry them, keep the knives and cutting boards used to cut the apples clean and dry.

2. peel the apple, cut into pieces after removing the pit, and put a layer of rock sugar and a layer of apple in the bottle. Just fill the bottle with 8 minutes full. Tighten the cap. Remember, the lid should be boiled and dried for later use.

3. Shake the bottle every few days to fully ferment. This takes about a month.

4. pour the liquid in the bottle into another bottle, the original bottle is intact.


Be sure to use white sugar or rock sugar in proportion, but the amount of sugar must not be less than the amount of fruit; the utensils must be disinfected and cleaned by hand to prevent the enzyme from becoming moldy; do not fill the bottle, because gas will be generated during the fermentation process, and others can be used Fruit is used to make enzymes, and the production method is the same.

Although enzymes are easy to make, you must pay attention to the above points when making them to ensure their effectiveness.

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