How to prevent HIV infection?

While HIV infection is currently controlled by drugs, so far there are no laws to treat HIV infection and no vaccine to prevent it. The best way to prevent this is to avoid sex, anal sex, or sharing needles with someone who has ALDS. Do not engage in any form of sexual activity with those who are unclear or do not understand their "personal history". Keep a regular sex partner, avoid going to prostitutes, and use "condoms" properly.

Q: people with STDs are more likely to be infertile.

A: people with STDs are actually less likely to get pregnant,愛滋病, but not every STD causes infertility, with gonorrhea having the greatest impact. Most women with gonorrhea have no symptoms, and 20 percent of women with gonorrhea develop endometritis, which can even spread upward, causing pelvic inflammatory disease or salpingitis, which can lead to infertility.

Gonorrhea infection in men can also lead to infertility if not treated well. Gonorrhea without treatment will become chronic urethritis, urethral stricture, if the bacteria spread through the reproductive tract, it will become epididymitis, and the sequelae of epididymitis is infertility.

Q: Does one of the spouses have to be treated together?

A: A couple with STDs must be examined and treated at the same time in order to be fully cured. Clinically, many male gonorrhea patients are infected because of cheating on others, and then go home and have sex with their wives, causing the other half to be infected. However, his wife did not get sick after the infection, and even when he recovered, he went to the treatment in secret, and after having sex with his wife, he became ill again, in a cycle of constant sickness. This is also known as a "ping pong infection".




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