Means everything

A rural girl, from small to big or out of the county, to a caregiver at a friend's house in Beijing. Housework while women studying English, learning Mandarin Beauty Mama, taking night classes, read Self, what levels do not know.Later, her owner told me that this girl when the Chinese as a foreign language teacher.

Dedicated to the do not have a lot of money, but they need the Chinese counseling foreign students as a teacher, she did not pick the job, the size of the money earned, but save, and later bought a small QQ faster shuttle in the city, classes to more students, Claire Hsu to save tolls and time. Surprisingly, she also opened a breakfast Taner selling milk eggs and biscuits a day, while selling Mary Kay travel and tourism news.

I think God had this girl crazy.

This is three ordinary young people who live around me, they have no educationdata centre, no background, they can not even choose the wrong professional opportunity of a university, they can not even what professional counterparts "do not know, they can not even let the high-quality cattle against There was no opportunity.

Humble have all they want, maybe just things you my fingertips; They desperately trying to earn the money, perhaps our opening figures will be able to get from their parents hands; They came to the city at the beginning, Crash proof phone protector see disappear. But it does not matter, they could see their own.

Koala nothing in told me, today's young people too want to become famous overnight, flourishes, one thing adhere to three months to see results, began to complain about the injustice of God Beauty Mama, no horses. There is no one to take a look at the last page of the koala blog, your success in the eyes of people, inspirational people, from which which began to struggle?

What is the struggle? The struggle is not so ordered by under flames. Struggle day after day, to get down to live well in the hands of every little thing, do not drag, do not complain, do not shirk, do not be lazy. Every day, bit by bit, efforts can be pooled from the millions of courage, mobile phone protector with your insistence to lead you to where you want to go.

Difficult? Is not difficult.

Have the courage, touched his heart to say: my youth, do not complain to the community, do not complain about injustice, only efforts beyond their own. Hold on, means everything!