Email marketing really is an incredible

Marketing your product or service through email is probably the most powerful form of internet communication. If you don't understand how to create an email marketing campaign that gets results, then you are probably going to make 90% less money than you could be making if you use it effectively. And while a well set up website or blog is terrific tool for attracting visitors using unique content, if you don't maximize your return on those visitors when they arrive at your website, you could be just wasting your time DR REBORN.
With nearly everything being sold online these days, email marketing is involved in some way. In all of the big product launches you see in all sorts of niche markets, email is like the blood that carries the oxygen around the body. It's really important that you understand how to do email marketing effectively, or you're probably not going to be all that successful with your online business.
Email marketing really is an incredible form of communication DR REBORN, because in the past, we couldn't follow up with prospects and customers and do sequences of communication. Before email became mainstream and before the internet came along, if I wanted to follow up with my prospects and customers, I would have to call somebody on the phone or write them a direct mail piece, or if it was cost effective, I could visit them in person. Then of course I'd have to track everything on a card or in a database so I know where they were in the sequence.
But all you have to do now is use an autoresponder and program a sequence of messages that go out automatically every couple of days. Your readers get your messages in the exact order you want them to receive them, and you can set the the whole thing up so it automatically runs in the background without you having to think about it again.
Now we've covered the 'Why', let's look at the how. What I'd like you to do is -
Step 1 - Sign up for an autoresponder service (you can get a good one for about $20 a month).
Step 2 - Grab a piece of paper, and write out the conversation you would have with your prospect if you visited his or her home every couple of days. This is what you would say to then if you were trying to build a relationship with them and convince them to buy your product or service. Write down all the things you'd say and include answers to all the questions they would ask, and then go ahead and turn that into an email sequence DR REBORN.