Is it necessary to buy a children’s education fund?

The first thing we need to know is that education funds cannot be bought following the trend. This is unnecessary. Many parents buy education grants just by looking at others to buy and following the trend. This is actually wrong.

Education fund is essentially a kind of financial insurance. The purchase of insurance should follow the principle of first protection and then financial management. Therefore, we should give priority to accident insurance, serious illness insurance and medical insurance. If the insurance configuration of the insurance type is complete, we should consider whether to purchase an education fund.

Secondly, the price of education funds is relatively expensive. For ordinary families, providing safety insurance for the whole family is terrible, let alone buying education funds.

Therefore, education funds are not necessary. We should consider from many aspects whether we are suitable for purchase eclaims.

Who is suitable for buying education funds?

If the family member protection type insurance configuration is complete, friends who want to buy education funds should ask themselves two questions first:

1. When do you need money?

Before purchasing an education fund, we should know when the child will start using the money and how much money will it need? We must plan in advance. Because the time stipulated by different education funds is different, for example, your child is already 10 years old. If you choose a product more than ten years later, it is not appropriate to collect money, because when your child is in his twenties, he has already entered The society, and then collect money, basically cannot play the role of education funds.

2. How much money can be invested in the education fund every year, guaranteed not to be interrupted?

Education funds will take some time to invest. Some parents can spend tens of thousands of dollars in the first year. The next few years were really difficult, so I had to reluctantly surrender the insurance. At that time, they will not only lose a sum of money, but also lose their original intention to buy education funds.

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