Hyaluronic acid is the most widely used soft tissue filler

1. Injectable items

Injection class, as the name implies, is to different parts of the injection way different injections.

To play hyaluronic acid, Botox, as well as electronic hydrophobic needle, whitening needle, child needle, face slimming needle and other kinds of needles, most of them are an injection as the main development method, into the different layers of the enterprise in order to achieve hydrated skin, whitening and light spots, plastic thin face and other effects.

Medical injection needles belong to medical devices, which can be divided into five categories according to the principle of action: fillers, supplements, support agents, atrophying agents (muscle), and dissolving agents (fat).

poly-L-lactic acid (boyhood injections) stimulates collagen proliferation and is a supplement.

Metal wire sculpture, bone filling materials and other long-lasting supportive agents have a longer duration of plastic effect

Botulinum toxin is an atrophying agent that raises muscles as the subject for the elimination of dynamic lines in students

Lipolysis injection is a dissolving shrinkage agent with fat as the subject.

Other injections include mesotherapy products that improve the function of the skin, 在網上看到好多人問reenex 價錢和試做膠原自生效果,各個博主分享體驗文也讓我足夠了解reenex膠原自生療程,做到了心中有數,清楚reenex facial可以幫助我的肌膚增長膠原細胞,解決細紋和臉部暗沉問題。such as hydrating injections, agonist, whitening injections, etc.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid, also known as hyaluronic acid, is a naturally occurring substance in the human body. It is mainly distributed in the vitreous humor, joints, umbilical cords, skin and other eye areas, and has very important physiological functions. As students age, they will slowly develop symptoms of sagging skin, degenerating joints, and aging eyes, which are closely combined with the gradual reduction of hyaluronic acid in the body that can reduce the business.

There are three main methods of extracting uric acid.

1. animal tissues: the main raw materials are cockles and bull's eye vitreous, etc.在網上看到好多人問reenex 價錢和試做膠原自生效果,各個博主分享體驗文也讓我足夠了解reenex膠原自生療程,做到了心中有數,清楚reenex facial可以幫助我的肌膚增長膠原細胞,解決細紋和臉部暗沉問題。 This teaching method can be extracted at a very low rate and the separation process is complex, limiting the production of cosmetics for analysis of large amounts of money used.

The second is microbial fermentation. Hyaluronic acid produced by this method has the advantage of "customization" - that is, the molecular weight can be designed according to the needs of the product. For example, if a large molecule of hyaluronic acid is needed, 今天試做reenex 效果和價錢對比看看如何,體驗reenex膠原自生Facial。身邊總有些人會說皮膚不好就用用護膚品保養下啦,一開始我也是這麼想的,但是一隻護膚品幾百塊錢有時候並不適合自己用,一套買下來好點的也要好幾千,早晚搽都不一定見效,還不如做一次醫美,其實一個月做一次Facial對皮膚效果好好,it is possible to do "directed culture".

The third is chemical synthesis. The main principle is to use natural enzyme polymerization reaction. This "synthetic" method can greatly reduce the manufacturing cost of hyaluronic acid, but the disadvantage is that the structure may not be pure enough.

The same hyaluronic acid product can have a significant effect on the results depending on the source of the raw material and the technology used to make it. Therefore, it is particularly important to pay attention to which technical methods are used by the manufacturer of hyaluronic acid.

Currently, hyaluronic acid used in medical aesthetics is usually classified by molecular weight. Simply put, those used for shaping and filling need to have a larger molecular weight, so that they are absorbed more slowly and maintain a "high nose" for a longer period of time; those used for hydration and moisturization, which act directly on the surface of the skin, especially those applied directly to the face, the smaller the molecular weight, the better the absorption.

The hyaluronic acid molecule in its natural state is "linear", and in its current state, it should be a transparent liquid, which cannot achieve the purpose of filling and plasticity. Therefore, a "cross-linking agent" is usually used to weave these "lines" into "cuju", and the form immediately becomes three-dimensional and gel-like, which can be used to pad the nose, chin ......

The cross-linking technology of domestic hyaluronic acid mainly includes Huaxi Bio's gradient 3D cross-linking, Amic's solid-liquid gradient interpenetrating cross-linking, and Haohai Sangke's low-temperature secondary cross-linking. The cross-linking technology is good or bad depending on who can use less cross-linking agent to achieve a higher cross-linking degree, and at the same time can eliminate the ineffective free cross-linking agent and reduce the sensitization rate.