How long will you live with asthma?

Asthma not only affects the health of the patient, but also the life expectancy of the patient. Failure to treat asthma in time can lead to a variety of complications. Asthma brings great harm, and we strive to do a good job in preventing and treating asthma, and experts from Jinan Asthma Hospital will introduce you in detail.

Will asthma affect life expectancy?

1. Asthma can affect the health and life expectancy of patients. Asthma is a serious disease that should be taken seriously by patients. Early treatment can reduce the harm caused by asthma, which leads to breathing difficulties and prolonged coughing. Prolonged coughing can easily lead to local tissue congestion and affect the quality of life.

2. Asthma is a more serious disease, leading to a more complex analysis of the causes of asthma, asthma may be caused by respiratory infections, but also may be caused by the social environment caused by pollution problems in the environment as well as pollution, prone to the onset of asthma, often inhaling harmful gases can easily trigger asthma, we learn the best way to understand the causes of asthma, but also to fully understand the dangers of asthma.

3. There are many ways to treat asthma, both nebulisation and medication.

Beware of the several dangers of asthma

1. Asthma can cause respiratory and lung infections. Asthma is mainly caused by viral and bacterial infections. Asthma can cause breathing difficulties, chest tightness and chest pain in patients. It is important to keep the respiratory tract open and remove airway secretions in time to avoid persistent viral infections, otherwise serious consequences will result.

2. Asthma can endanger the physical and mental development of the patient, and can even affect the life expectancy of the patient. Death is one of the most serious complications of asthma, and asthma can evolve into a chronic disease if not treated in time, and can lead to a variety of complications in students, and can cause an imbalance of water and electrolytes in our body.

Asthma can lead to diseases such as pneumothorax and mediastinal emphysema. The damage caused by asthma is very significant. Patients should pay attention and take early treatment measures to control the progression of the disease. At the same time, appropriate care should be taken, as asthma is difficult to treat and prone to recurrent attacks, which can affect the quality of life of patients.

Does asthma affect life expectancy? Asthma can affect not only the patient's body and mind, but also their life expectancy. Asthma can lead to a number of complications and should be taken seriously by patients. Early treatment can control the progression of the disease and nebulised treatment can provide relief. Asthma can lead to poor airway circulation and chest tightness.

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