What’s the difference between a sandwich and a hamburger? If you look at these five aspects, you will see the difference


If someone asks: Which would you choose if you had a sandwich or a hamburger on the table?

The hamburger

Before answering this question, I would ask: What kind of sandwich is it? What kind of burger is it? What is the difference between the two?


Sandwiches and hamburgers are two types of food that have a significant impact on Western food. Most Western fast food restaurants have a hamburger, and most coffee shops sell sandwiches.

So, what are the differences and similarities between the two?

Various types of bread

I. The differences in bread

In terms of appearance, the two are different in shape.

Hamburger buns

1. Hamburger bun

Bread is a round sandwich. The bread can be a bun or a toasted bun.

super sandwich 早餐
2. Sandwich

Most sandwiches are made with square slices of toast, but there are plenty of breads available. We have toast, baguette, submarine bread, baguette, croissant, English muffin, scones, pancakes, frittata, etc. There is white bread, wholemeal bread, mixed grain bread and homemade hard bread.

II. The difference in fillings


Pan-fried beef patties

Hamburger patties are mainly beef, artificial meat, fried chicken, fried fish, etc. The patties are squeezed with ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise, with lettuce, sliced tomatoes, sautéed onions or shredded raw onions, pickles, pickled peppers, salt chard and cheese.

2. Sandwiches

Sliced ham

super sandwich 早餐
A sandwich is a combination of a slice of cooked meat, pâté, cheese or vegetables in the middle of the bread, with some seasonings and sauces at your disposal. Chinese bread is baked with a little salad dressing, cream, peanut butter, flavoured oils or various other seasonings as required to improve the taste and texture of life.

Peanut butter, chocolate hazelnut and jam are also often used to make sweet sandwiches.

In short, there are all sorts of fillings in sandwiches. But it all boils down to this: a variety of fresh meats, processed meats, fish and seafood cheese slices, cheese cream, fried chickpea balls and artificial meats.

Making a hamburger

Three different approaches

1 The most common type of beef burger

Hamburger patties

(1) Knead the ground beef, flatten it into a circle and finally knead it into a hamburger patty shape, weighing 113g per piece.

(2) Heat the pan to 70%. Place the patties in the hot pan and immediately sprinkle with salt and pepper. Fry the patties on medium-low heat, front and back, for 4 minutes; turn off the heat. Place cheese slices on top of patties while still hot.

(3) Continue to fry the hamburger buns in a buttered pan over low heat until the surface forms a crispy anomaly.

(4) Place the sliced cheese fritters on a piece of hamburger bun and top the patty with a slice of tomato, chopped onion, sliced pickle and lettuce leaves as a side dish.

Sandwiches need to be cut up and eaten


(1) Choosing the bread

The bread needs to be able to stay filled in place and not spread out easily. Therefore, consider the size of the shape. Sandwiches with different fillings can be made on different breads.

(2) Spread or drizzle with sauce

The sauce on the bread should be spread evenly and thoughtfully.

(3) Adding the filling

The filling should not be larger than the size of the bread and then the sauce can be drizzled on top of the filling.

(4) Adding vegetables or fruit

Vegetables or fruit need to be pre-processed, the raw material needs to be washed and processed into slices or shreds.

(5) Plating or packaging

Sandwich construction often requires us to cut the sandwich in half or diagonally so that it is easy to eat and to see the filling exposed. The knife used to cut the sandwich is a serrated knife, with which the sandwich is sawed to avoid the various fillings from spreading. The cut sandwiches are packed by some students in a paper bag or rolled in paper for the design of the product. They can also be placed on a plate by themselves. To avoid spreading, it is sometimes necessary to insert small bamboo sticks into each sandwich.

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