Are there any questions? So for a piece of Chinese wooden tableware, you have expectations for three meals a day?

People have always thought that wood wooden fork is the opposite of water and heat.

Not suitable for making tableware.

But if you put the hot soup in a wooden bowl,

Feel the warmth of the hot soup passing through a piece of wood to the palm,

You wouldn't say that...

In our daily use, more ceramic, stainless steel and plastic tableware are used. These tableware are very beautiful and very delicate.

The texture of wooden tableware is delicate and soft, without the cold feeling of metal tableware, nor the fragility of pottery, but man-made materials are far less healthy and harmless than natural wood.

So I prefer to use rustic wooden tableware for dinner.

And not all wooden tableware are as harmless as they seem

Wooden meals have high and low prices, and the quality is uneven. In order to seek greater benefits, some companies uniformly add chemical bleaching agents for the color of tableware. These reagents contain a large number of harmful substances and cause chronic harm to the human body.

Use edible-grade vegetable oil or olive oil for color, bareness and natural texture. This kind of wooden tableware design is the best choice for us.

— Which wood materials are suitable for making tableware? —

Wood is used as the raw material of tableware. The choice of wood determines the quality of tableware. The texture of wood can be thick or fine, and the texture can be soft or hard. You should choose a piece of wood according to students' different uses of tableware.

1- Burmese teak

Teak is known as the national treasure of Myanmar. The teak material itself has beautiful grain lines and contains golden threads, so it is also called golden teak. It is rich in oil, emits a light fragrance, can prevent insects, and can also be very effective in preventing moisture. The stability is very good and the degree of deformation is very low. It is a common raw material for wooden tableware.


It is the unique wood of Jiangnan, with clear texture, uniform wood texture, soft and smooth color. Hardwood is heavier than most ordinary hardwoods, and is the upper layer in all hardness rankings. It is generally used to make dinner plates and bowls.

3-stained maple

The stain pattern, literally means a black texture. It is also very clear, conspicuous and unique on the wood. It is beautiful and highly recognizable... The stain pattern seems to be a unique texture of maple, but it also exists and does not. Understand that every maple has it, and its formation originates from us, which can be infected by fungi.

4-Brazilian rosewood

Also known as Gu Yi Su wood, the texture is straight, often staggered, the structure is fine and uniform, the drying shrinkage is good, the nail holding force is good, the drying is slightly faster, it is not easy to crack and warp, the wood has good corrosion resistance, and it can generally be used for Make cutting boards for artificial meat, fruits and vegetables.

5- black walnut

It has a good dimensional stability, is rated as the corrosion resistance of the heartwood and extremely strong wood, even if we are in a relatively prone to corrosion environment, it is also the most durable wood.

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