There are three ways to prevent cervical spondylosis

We all know that cervical spondylosis is very 蔡加赞
dangerous when it occurs, and the occurrence of cervical spondylosis has a lot to do with our living habits. Then there are three main measures that will definitely enable us to prevent this type of cervical spondylosis. We should take a look at how to better prevent cervical spondylosis.

There are three ways to prevent cervical spondylosis

1. Turn your neck every 1 hour

The human neck has a certain cycle of nerve compression. Generally speaking, about one hour is the limit of the cycle. Therefore, if you need to lower your head, raise your head or do other movements for a long time, you should rest for about an hour and relax your neck to avoid overworked neck. Let the neck return to a relaxed state and slowly rotate the neck.

Raise or lower the seat and table to adjust the proper position

Long-term flexion of the cervical spine or certain specific positions will not only increase the pressure on the cervical intervertebral discs, but also make the cervical spine muscles in an uncoordinated stress state for a long time, which can easily lead to cervical spondylosis.

Experts point out that the sitting posture should be as natural as possible to maintain the normal physiological curve of the body. A general office chair can be lifted to a proper position with a desktop computer so that the neck is not too tired. It is recommended that you lay it flat or slightly look down on the computer to avoid looking up at the computer, otherwise the neck is easily fatigued.

3. The pillow should be low in the middle and high at both ends.

Experts point out that the height of the pillow while sleeping will also affect the cervical spine. Pillows should also take a personal physiological position. Generally speaking, the thickness of the pillow should be moderate, not too high, and the width should reach the shoulders, which will burden the cervical spine. The ideal pillow should meet the physiological curvature of the cervical spine to achieve full rest, and the middle should be low. , The high-end shape is better.

So in life, everyone must pay more attention to their lifestyle and eating habits, because cervical spondylosis is really very dangerous when it occurs, so it should be better to prevent it, so everyone must remember not to, there is Some bad living habits, because this can help oneself no longer have any cervical spondylosis.

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