The beautiful scenery in my heart

Remember to send your black teenager, you shining eyes, always with a smile, the light infantry, you like a cloud floating in the water, if the fairy. First, Jing, you are so beautiful, pure water, fresh flower, the shy smile, to everyone's loud shouts of applause cardinal manchester.

I seem to have hit the jackpot, excited for your beauty, your gentle touch, touched by your kindness. Who says that only boys like girls like that, many women like me to appreciate the good things are unable to hold oneself back to have your heart. First, pull your hand, stepping on the class ring, in the stairwell Ji Bu Ru Fei, which know, weak you are careful not to fall, school uniforms is a dirty wet. I say I'm sorry, your eyes tell me, don't worry, let me go first. At this moment, my guilty heart can be put down. Thank you, my friends, thank you for your kindness.

Remember the first time I saw you, you stand at the door, that thin and small figure, stretched on the floor of the classroom, such as gold sun copious and fluent drunk in that your shadow. I sat in the front row, eyes unconsciously staring at you a long shadow, like a flowing waterfall shadow on the hair. Listen to the teacher's introduction, I look up to, you will see, to my surprise, your beauty let me suffocate. Almond like baby face, cheeks flushed, dense as water, quietly down to the waist, as if it were winter snow still falls. Your voice, not like the Orioles as crisp as percussion drums, so mellow, with spring "Ding Dong" to describe the most appropriate nevertheless. Thank you, my friends, thank you for giving me the enjoyment of beauty.

The teacher assigned a task to me, teach you broadcast gymnastics, as members of the sports I, feel very proud. I cried, password, careful demonstration every rhythm, I do not know what reason, you follow me to do, while making the silvery laughter. Look at you, I also giggled. A week passed, my teacher praised at the meeting, said you act mature action is of me. Thank you, my friends, thank you for giving me into your world.

Classmate five years, you gave me the impression is always perfect. That summer, I came to your dormitory, shout your name, your head out from the balcony, a sweet smile, revealing deep dimples, the sunshine of you, particularly charming refreshing! That summer, you and I go home from school together, the way, you asked me to eat ice cream, cold, touch his teeth, sour in the oral cavity. The "cold current", you hand over her mouth, laugh language flower: "good cold!" That summer, I and you buy the book back, and Ni have a pleasant talk together, suddenly swallowed hard breath, hiccups, you laugh at me, laughter is the sun, with the warm flavor, you gave me a bottle of water, a bottle has the temperature of your hand. Thank you, my friends, thank you for your sincere acceptance.

Met, acquaintance, love, perhaps, we are not the best friend nu skin, perhaps, we are doomed fate in the season of sunshine, no matter what the reason, then you alienation, make me very sad, then, in my illness, you come to see me several times. Until you get married, had children, I also heard from other mouth. Ten years, not a very short time, it is enough to change a person's personality and aspirations, to complete the life career peak and emotional harvest. Ten years, I almost know nothing at all about your situation, I heard that you go back to school, see your teacher and best friend, and I, for you to be close by., yet you can't see my one eye.

The heart of grief, the heart of the isolated heart, don't give up, it is difficult to accept, you cold fact, how many times in my mind was repeatedly jump your shadow, the first sight of the beautiful, your long hair, sunny shy smile smile, speak of the pure big eyes, long micro volume eyelashes, slow and gentle manners, understanding discourse......

Remember, when you are learning the best girl in class, and Chinese is the best you, I like you to write the word, the word as it is beautiful, magnificent, elegant euphemism, looking comfortable, look like, look impressive.

Remember, when you are in class sports is not how good girls, when running, the body like water gently, was beautiful, like a flying paper kite, wind sway, as if it is a water do girls.

Don't look at your appearance is so weak, in fact, is the life of the expert. You start from junior high school, boarding in others home, live the life of the sponsor, though, your temper is very good, considerate, thoughtful and well behaved, even people's favor, but you are a sensitive and delicate, do you like to take one's ease, like a person in the sun alone, like a Ann read a book quietly, like the feeling of wind and rain in the four seasons of life, like their own living space not to be disturbed, so then you move to the dormitory, there, you can no longer see his face, there, you feel just like a fish in water, living for you be very perfect, when you leave me, I know g-suite cardinal, you are a free travel for fish in the ocean......

Maybe, you doesn't like my careless character, don't like me often late for appointment, didn't like I exaggerated strange action, perhaps, you don't trust me as a person, I know, he is a drawback with many girls, when all the people hate me, but you didn't notice I'm sad mood, conflicting emotions