5分鐘吸走黑頭? Blackheads Gone in 5 Mins?

夏天既皮膚問題真係特別多 (所以我唔係好like夏天), 一陣又覺得乾, 一陣又覺得油, 一陣又出粒粒, 一陣又覺得黑頭特別多...真係數極都仲有.  大家有無發現油性既皮膚會比較多黑頭?  就連我係乾性既皮膚, 夏天都特別多黑頭.


(English:  Skin seems to have so many problems in the summer (therefore I don't really like summer that much).  It could be either too dry, or too oily, or has sudden break-out, or has so many blackheads...the list could go on and on.  Have you noticed that people with oily skin types seem to have more problems with blackheads?  Even I have dry skin, blackheads have been invading my skin lately.)




(English:  Actually the formation of blackheads is due to oxidization of excess oil secretion gather at the pores20070218193623.gif.)


我有日起身見到個鼻比平常多左黑頭, 之後我就走左落萬寧敗左呢個專為黑頭而設既:


(English:  I woke up one day and discovered that there were more blackheads on my nose area than before.  The sensible thing for me was to go to Mannings immediately and got the following mask which is specially designed for "killing" blackheads:)


Zino Bubble Mask - Pore Cleansing




價錢 (Price): HK$198/ 50ml





⁃         無痛清黑頭粉刺

⁃         減少痘痘暗粒出現

⁃         持久控油

⁃         收細毛孔、避免毛孔變大變形





⁃       天然木瓜萃取精華 (Papaya Extract) 具高效補濕

⁃       檸檬萃取精華 (Lemon Extract) 可平衡油脂分泌,讓肌膚時刻保持清爽潔淨,光滑細緻

⁃       薰衣草萃取精華 (Lavender Extract) 紓緩及鎮靜肌膚,收緊毛孔






⁃       嚴重黑頭︰一星期使用三次

⁃       普通清潔︰每星期使用一次


(English: Product Information:


Zino Bubble Mask is a non-irritating, non-stimulating formula.  Deep cleansing with Oxygen Molecule.  Cleansing pore with soft bubbles, and provide oil control function.


Application: After wetting face, apply suitable amount of Zino bubble mask onto the face.  Abundant bubbles are formed onto the face in a minute.  After 5 minutes, softly rub the face with fingertips and then wash off with warm water.


Skin types:  Suitable for all skin types, especially oily skin.


Ingredients: Papaya Extract, Lemon Extract, Lavender Extract)




First Out of the Tube:




好得意, 初初枝出黎係黃黃地色既gel狀.  推開左之後就有d好蜜既泡泡, 過左一分鐘之後, d泡泡變得輕型左.


(English:  Quite fun!  At first, it's a yellowish gel texture.  After blending it out, the bubble starts to formulate.)


使得次數 (No. of Usage): 5 times


用後感: 我覺得呢枝野個concept好得意.  初初枝出黎係gel咁, 仲有少少peppermint既氣味.  推開就變泡泡.  搽上個鼻度睇住佢變身個下真係覺得好搞笑.  搽上個鼻度 (我淨係用佢係鼻位), 會覺得有少少涼涼地, 感覺幾清新.  過左5分鐘就用暖水洗走佢.  用第一次, 見到佢令d黑頭浮左係面.  用多三次就開始見到少左黑頭 - 好開心.  雖然要用多幾次先見到效果, 但係我自己比較prefer呢個方式.  因為用黑頭貼係會見到即時功效, 但係長久落去咁樣滅法會令周邊既毛孔粗大.  Zino呢隻bubble mask就唔會有呢個問題, 同埋佢既功效會持久d (黑頭無翻法得咁快).  我每次用完佢都會覺得敷完既位置皮膚滑左.  除非你係油性皮膚啦, 如果唔係唔洗成面用, 只係用係有需要既位置就得喇.  我今個夏天都會keep住用, 一定會唔俾草莓鼻翻生 (影響儀容ma)!!


(English:  After-use Comment:  I quite like the concept of this mask as it's fun to use!  When first squeezed out, its texture is of a yellowish gel form and it contains a light peppermint scent.  After blending, it turns into bubble!  When I apply it on my nose, I usually laugh since I find it look quite funny!  It has a cooling effect on my nose area (I only use this on my nose area), it makes me feel quite refreshing.  After 5 minutes, I'd use warm water to rinse it.  I recalled the first time, I saw the blackheads float to the top of the skin.  After using it for 3 more times, there were less blackheads on my nose area - yay!!  Even though it takes a few times to notice the effect, I personally prefer this method to those nose pads.  The nose pads offer instant result, however, the constant tearing away the pads would enlarge the pores around the nose area.  Zino Bubble Mask doesn't have this problem and it offers a more long-term result (the blackheads seem to take a longer time to formulate themselves again).  Every time I finish using it, I feel that my nose area is smoother!  Great!!  Unless you are of oily skin types, you don't need to apply this on your whole face, just wherever it's needed would be enough!  I'm determined to keep using this during the summer time and won't let the "strawberry nose" have a chance to survive!)