Hauling @ Mannings

好似好耐無咩行過萬寧, 前兩日同Mr. Honey走左入去就癲左.  其實我行入去個陣真係諗住行下, 點知行下行下又變左敗家, 不過有d係Mr. Honey話買 (佢想玩wor), 咁即係話唔係全部都關我事!  哈哈!


(English:  It's been awhile since I last browsed around in Mannings.  A couple days ago, I went in with Mr. Honey and within a sec, we sort of went nuts.  Originally, I went in with the good intention that "I was just browsing", but the experience ended up as usual - it turned into a hauling experience!  Well, some of the stuff belongs to Mr. Honey (he was interested to try!), so not every product was associated with me!  Haha!!)





(English:  Nothing too special!  Let's get down to each one of them:)


Neutrogena Deep Hydrating Mask HK$159.9/ 15pcs



呢個我之前都用過同share過.  我春夏天幾鍾意用呢隻, 保濕得黎又唔會太rich.  今次見有15片裝就敗左喇.


(English:  I really like this mask!  I especially like using them during spring and summer time as they are hydrating without making skin feel too rich!  They have a 15-piece set, so I grabbed that!)


Baby Foot Easy Pack HK$148@



呢個Mr. Honey上年用過覺得好正, 佢想再用.  我就無試過,咁佢就叫我買多盒玩下.  都好, 睇下我對feet用完會唔會靚sa先!


(English:  Mr. Honey tried this last year and he had an amazing experience with it!  That's why he wanted to to repurchase the item.  Knowing that I haven't had the amazing experience before, he asked me to grab a pack to try!  Why not?  Let me try and tell you if they would work magic on my feet!)


L'Oreal Gentle Eye Makeup Remover HK$58.9/ 125ml



我就快用完Chanel個枝, 所以要買過.  上次講Maybelline個陣好多sisters都話L'Oreal好用, 咁我就買黎試下啦.  不過我前兩晚用覺得落得唔係咁快同乾淨.  等我再用多幾野再同大家share.


(English:  I almost finish Chanel's, so I am tempted to try another brand.  Last time when I was talking about Maybelline's, some sisters recommended L'Oreal's too.  Therefore, I grabbed it and gave it a go.  I started using it a couple days ago but I find it doesn't remove the makeup quickly and thoroughly.  I'll keep trying it for a bit and tell you ladies what I think later.)


Vaseline Aloe Fresh Moisturizing Daily Body Gel HK$49.4/ 200ml



連Vaseline都出aloe vera野, 我之前未見過, 我諗都應該係新野, 所以好奇買黎用下睇下好唔好.


(English:  An aloe vera product by Vaseline!  I suspected that it's a new product!  I am curious if it's any good.)


Garnier Hydrating Eye Roll-on HK$69.3/ 15ml



呢個出左好耐啦, Mr. Honey見佢咁平就話想試.  咁我當然話好啦, 我可以乘機試買一份ma.  夏天用應該會幾舒服, 涼涼地咁.


(English:  This one was released awhile back!  Mr. Honey said it's really cheap and he wanted to try!  Sure, I said great because then I'd get to try the product too and share with you later!  Hahaha!!  I think it would be nice to use it in the summer time, quite refreshing!)


L'Oreal Intensive Night Repair Essence HK$218.9/ 30ml



呢枝係新野呀, 近期見到advertisement!  等我試下正唔正再同大家分享啦.


(English:  This is a new release!  I have been seeing advertisement about it recently!  Let me try and share my comments later!)


好誇張, 而家既萬寧真係太多野買, 以前一定唔會諗到係萬寧洗到成千蚊.  唔想敗家個陣, 真係連萬寧都要避開.


(English:  Wow!  I think there are too many products available at Mannings nowadays!  Before, I wouldn't think I could spend close to a thousand dollars at Mannings!  Well, be aware!  If you want to save money, I think you need to "avoid" Mannings as well!  Haha.)