My Birthday Pressies 2011

今年生日真係過得好開心, 癲左成個星期都係時候返來喇.  今年收到特別多生日禮物, 好多我都覺得好surprised!  我知我有d friends會睇呢個blog, 再係度多謝你地先!  好喇, 咁我今年收到咩生日禮物呢?  睇下丫:

(English:  I had a fabulous and fantastic birthday this year and I was absolutely busy with eating and drinking for the whole week, well, it's about time to make an appearance here!  This year, I received quite a few pressies and some of them are very surprising!  I know some of my friends would visit my blog, please let me to take the opportunity to thank you again!  Well well well, spotlight please!  Let's see what I've received for my birthday:)

[youtube HFVIw4QTg6E]

係呀,呢個video淨係講我收左d咩, 但係未同大家share我既嚴重敗家戰利品, 我會係下一兩個video再同大家分享.

(English:  Yea, this video only mentioned what I've received but it didn't show what I hauled (actually shopped till I dropped).  I'm going to make another video about my "treasures"!  Stay tuned!)